Minette’s Story

I just wanted to share this great email story from Minette:

“I am so excited by your invitation to tell you what I’ve attracted since coming to understand and practice the Law of Attraction.

Like you, I’m not the sort of person who has very many specific material wants…at least not anymore. There was a time, just over two years ago, when I was really struggling, doing the single Mom thing, trying to make ends meet, and living in a not-nice neighborhood, where my house was broken into 3 times. I was drowning in debt, specifically student loans.

Upon discovering the Law of Attraction, I began journaling in great detail about the life I would like to have. I described the house and the land that I pictured living in with my children. I actually began purchasing artwork that would look great in the house…my daughter asked me why I was buying art for a house we didn’t have? I tried to explain to her that decorating the house would bring it to us.

Furthermore, I stated that it was my intention to pay off my student loans by Christmas…I had NO way to do this, but I intended it just the same.

Well, Christmas came and went, and the loan persisted…but less than three months after Christmas, I found—in my mailbox with no letter attached—a bank check for $250,000. Just like that. A gift from a family member whose private business was booming.

I cried, right there in my driveway.

The very next day, I found the house. The perfect house on the perfect land, just like I’d described…and I found it not through a realtor, but on Craig’s List! A beautiful two story home on 2 acres of wooded land…for $67K. An absolute steal…my friends and family could not believe I found this house for that price…and also that I could pay for it in cash.

I began focusing on my relationships. I’d had a string of difficult relationships with men, and I began journaling about the type of relationship I wanted, that I thought I deserved. About a week after that journaling project, a friend mentioned having heard something about a former professor of mine, and it prompted me to reach out and get in touch with my professor…it was amazing. Twenty-five years had passed since I was his student, but when we met and walked in the park, it was like utterly recognizing a soulmate…for BOTH of us! We got married last month, and we are both just completely bewildered that this miracle has occurred…neither of us has ever been so fulfilled.

During my engagement, I began focusing on my career goals. I like the job I’ve had for the past seven years, but it isn’t a field I ever actually meant to be in, and I have a long commute to work each day with keeps me separated from my husband and children. I started just writing about the elements of work that I’d like to do—I want opportunities to travel and to speak, to meet interesting people and have a lasting impact on the world, with freedom for personal pursuits as well. One day, completely out of the blue, I got a phone call at lunch from a Surrogacy agency in Boston (I did a surrogate pregnancy 9 years ago, carrying twins for a gay couple, and had spoken on behalf of this agency a few times back then)…they offered me a full time job, making MORE money than I make now and, since their clients are all over the world…I can work from home. They’re already talking about taking me to France to speak this fall.

Like your story, these are just some of the larger, more tangible things that I’ve attracted. There are also countless points of personal experience, opportunity, spiritual growth, and rich relationships that would be difficult to put into words…but I know you understand!

Thank you for your story, James, and for the invitation to share mine.”


What a great story!  Thank you Minette

Be Here Now

If I were to summarize the spiritual wisdom (that wisdom brought to the West from India and the far east) of the last 100 years  in three words, those words would be:  BE HERE NOW.

ram dass

Ram Dass made this saying famous with his book of the same name.  Ram Dass was my first exposure to the concept of presence as a spiritual practice.  He laid the seed in my consciousness  that would later sprout when I was exposed to the writings and lectures of Eckhart Tolle.

When I first read The Power of Now, I wasn’t blown away.  It seems a bit obvious to me, but in an impractical way.  I moved on to other things and came back across it again years later in an audiobook format.  This was during my original 30 day attraction experiment.  At that time I drove up to 4 hours a day, and during my 30 day experiment I listened to the Power of Now, and everything Eckhart Tolle every wrote.  But more importantly, I TRIED IT.

I spent at least 1 to 2 hours a day in the present moment, devoid of meaningless thoughts, devoid of the past or the future, devoid of the noise that constitutes much of our waking mental lives.

You may be wondering what this has to do with the law of attraction.  Well, EVERYTHING.  You see, during that month or two period I became a magnet.  I easily attracted things.  My mood improved.  My anxiety disappeared.  My thoughts became fewer and more focused.

It wasn’t until almost a year later (after I wrote The 30 Day attraction Experiment, and The Attraction Blueprint) that I realized what an important role this practice has played in my attraction efforts.  In fact, I now consider it my secret weapon.  In my opinion, it constitutes having nuclear weapons.

So, why does this help with the law of attraction?  Think about it:  when you are present, you are not in your mind.  You are not in the past.  You are not in the present.  In other words, you aren’t where all of your problems are.  You are in a place (at least for a while) where there are no roadblocks.  Nothing but green lights and open roads ahead.

In the future I plan to explore this idea more fully in an ebook.  But I just needed to share this…


The agenda behind the agenda

Whether we admit it or not, there is often “an agenda behind the agenda” when it comes to our desires.  We desire money, cars, houses, relationships, etc.  But, in most cases aren’t we actually trying to achieve some effect from the attainment of this desire?  This underlying effect is the agenda behind the agenda.

arms openI believe that everyone, at their core, desires freedom, peace, love, security, safety, and meaning.  These states of mind are MY agenda behind the agenda, and I suspect that I am not alone in this.  Think about it, aren’t these the effects that we all want from the things that we attract?

If this the case, then why do we continue to decide to attract things that we hope will give us some particular effect?  Shouldn’t we instead be attracting the effect itself?  Shouldn’t we be attracting freedom, security, peace, love, safety, and meaning directly?  I believe that we should be.

Consider this:  Isn’t it possible that if we attracted for the effects we could end up manifest in ways that are much better than what we would have attempted to manifest??  We operate in a limited paradigm, while God operates in the unlimited.  Would’t it make more sense to let God decide how to best manifest for intended effects?

A few months ago I sat down and really thought through what I wanted in life, and after much introspection, I realize that what I truly wanted was the agenda behind the agenda items listed above.  Everything else was, in my mind at least, cosmetic.  So, I made the decision to focus on directly attracting these effects.

I have to tell you, the last few months have been amazing.  Not only have I felt more peace, security, freedom, meaning, and love than I ever have in my life, I have also attracted on the material plane.  In short, I am more at home with myself than I have ever been in my life, and this mental/spiritual place is a great place to manifest from.  Things seem to take care of themselves, and everything seems to work out.  I have more than enough, and have no worries.

I want to STRONGLY encourage you to find your agenda behind the agenda.  Once you find it, try attracting for this agenda for the next month and see how it goes.  If it goes as well as my experiment has gone, you probably won’t go back to your other agenda any time soon.


I released a new ebook this weekend.  It is called  LOA FAQ: 17 Frequently Asked Law of Attraction Questions Answered and is available  for .99 on Amazon.com.

 Book CoverI wrote this book with my friend and fellow author Mark Anthony.  This book was born out of a desire to comprehensively answer the questions that Mark and I are asked by coaching clients, readers of our books, and people we interact with on a daily basis. We both noticed that certain questions are repeatedly asked of us, albeit in slightly different ways. It became apparent to both of us that many other people must be asking these same questions. We knew that this presented an opportunity to help on a wider scale.

Writing an eBook to address these enquiries was an obvious solution, so we agreed to team up to complete this project. Sure, either of us could have written this book and done a good job of it, but we wanted to do something different and to try to offer more value to the reader. So instead of writing answers to these FAQs together and presenting a united front, we decided to answer the questions individually so that you get two distinct points of view. Neither of us read the other’s answers before writing our own in order to avoid being influenced by what the other was writing.

After each question you will find Mark’s answer, followed by my own. Mark and I come at things from slightly different angles at times, and at other times we are fairly identical in what we write. However, even when we look at things differently, we both also agree with what the other is saying. No one is wrong here. There are many paths in the law of attraction, and we want to provide you with options.

It is our intention that you find what you are looking for in this book, and that something contained within will help you to manifest your dreams. This is our greatest wish.

New Book, New Challenge (giving back)


My new ebook was released earlier this week. It is called Moving Beyond Materialism:  The Missing Next Step in the Law of Attraction and is available (like all of my titles) for .99 on Amazon.com. But, the point of this post isn’t to plug the book. I am writing this post because of something writing this book has encouraged me to do.

This book is about changing the focus of the law of attraction to something greater than just attracting material things for ourselves. Writing this book challenged me to be less selfish and to focus on others first. Writing this book has challenged me to give back and help others.

I decided before I finished the book that I wasn’t going to keep any money from it. At a minimum, the money will be donated to a worthy cause. However, I have another idea that has me really motivated…

I want to start a non-profit charity based on the law of attraction (I don’t have a name yet…please help). I will give the rights to this book to this charity in perpetuity. I want to use this charity to reach out to other law of attraction authors to see if they will follow suit and donate a portion of what they have been blessed with. I want to give everyone (like you) a chance to give back or to attract for others as well.

This charity will function in two ways: 1) providing funding (grants or donations) to worthwhile causes that focus on meeting people’s needs, and 2) by potentially creating new programs to fill needs of the poor or disadvantaged.

This organization will be spreading the word about the law of attraction while being a vehicle for people who have benefited from the law to help others. I am very serious about starting this organization and about helping my fellow brothers and sisters in the world.

I am sharing this with you because I need your help. I need you to send me your positive thought of support. Together we can attract this organization into reality in the near future. I also welcome any other support you can give towards the starting of this organization, be it monetary, spreading the word, reaching out to others, buying the ebook, offering technical advice, or offering any other advice you may have. My contact information is below, and I hope that you choose to get involved. I look forward to hearing from you.

It will take some time to go through the legal red tape to get this charity set-up, and about $1000 to lay the infrastructure. I am willing to pull funds from my other books to match (to the extent that it is possible) any donations pledged towards making this charity a reality. So, any money donated will be added to.

Please be thinking about what I have said, and how you could see yourself involved. At a minimum please join me in attracting this organization into existence. Any words of encouragement would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

James – james@attractionebooks.com

Struggle… (A Guest Post from Mark Anthony)

Effort and struggle is paradox to what The Law of Attraction is really all about. There are really three ways to create your life. First is what most people do and that is to read and react. This means that they are living life backwards. They believe what they see instead of believing and then seeing. Second is to pro-actively create which is what a lot of Law of Attraction students do most. That encompasses visualization, affirmations, action, appreciation, gratitude, etc. The last way is to completely detach or “let go.” It is this last one I want to address in this post because in my experience it is the most effective way to create the life you desire and here is why. Consider the Chinese finger trap illustration below.


The harder you pull or effort to get your fingers out of the trap, the tighter it gets around your fingers and harder it is to get out. You have to actually do what is logically contradictory, which is to push in to release the traps and gently slide your fingers out. This is how letting go really works, you have to do the opposite of what your conscious mind says to do which is to effort. The more effective you can do this, the easier it is to create. Creation is actually supposed to be effortless, the reality is that you push a lot of your desires away when you are trying to make something happen. Your in the vibrational harmony with working on it versus having it, which means you will remain in the “working on it” state until you change it. The greatest lie the conscious mind has convinced most of us of is that the supreme being or universe needs to be cajoled into giving us what we want. That is false and when you let go of your desires, you receive them because it is his good pleasure to give you your heart’s desire like the good book says. Don’t take my word for it, do your own field experiment and see. Abraham-Hicks talks about creation is actually the removal of resistance and I believe that. To take it a step further, I believe releasing is the best way because whenever we pro-actively try to create, we bring our subconscious baggage along with us even though we are unaware that we do so. Things will go wrong, the opposite will happen, you may come down with a cold, etc. That’s how the inner child of your subconscious protects itself from change, because it sees change as a threat. How do you backdoor this? Letting go, giving it to a higher power and forgetting about it. The good book also says to not let the right hand let what the left is doing. What that means is by giving it to the supreme being, you side step your sabotaging inner child because it is not noticing you trying to make changes. Emile Coue, author of “It Works!” once said that in the battle between the conscious and subconscious minds, the subconscious always wins. This explains why the harder you try, the worse things seem to get. So instead of pushing through the door of your desires, try and stand back and allow the door to swing open. Just some friendly advice from personal experience.

​ – Mark

Dave’s Story

I worked with a client several months ago. Let’s call him Dave, as he wishes to remain anonymous.  Dave had a fairly good history with the law of attraction.  He had lots of examples about things he had manifested very quickly in the past.  However, he had one major desire that he wasn’t able to manifest.  This desire was to own a restaurant.

Dave emailed me and asked for a coaching session.  We spoke on two occasions and I shared with him about letting go and staying present.  Dave is a hard one to read, so I had no idea if he bought into it or not.  After that I didn’t hear from Dave after that until a couple of days ago, when I got the following email:


I hope this finds you well. I wanted to drop a quick line to you to update you on my 

As you know it was my goal to own my own restaurant. In mid April I was presented 
with an option to purchase the restaurant I have been operating for the past six 
months. At first it looked like another defeat along this path. I was given about 
three days to make a decision or the restaurant would be put up for sale for another 
buyer. I knew this meant that when a sale was completed I would have to move on if 
someone else were to purchase. I did not have the money or credit to get a conventional 

I made an offer for the current owner to finance the restaurant for the first year, 
with an option to pay back early if an opportunity came up for me to gain investors. 
I told him I would put down $25,000.00 to show I was serious. Within days he had 
accepted the offer at face value, no haggling, no delays. Another hiccup occurred. 
If I paid him the 25k then I would have zero operating capital as he would give to 
me with a zero balance. As we were getting ready to close the offer was made that 
I put the 25k into operating account, then pay that back as the restaurant became 
stable under my ownership. Wow twice in less than a month things just "falling" into 
place. Then as I took over, our sales slowly but consistently began to take off. 
Building towards and above my stated daily goals.

Thank you for the conversations we have had. It was your advice to let it go, it will 
work itself out, that led me to this success. talk to you soon. I hope you are gaining 
as much success.

Congratulations Dave!  Letting go is the best way I have found to remove the barriers for those “big” things we want to attract. For me the easiest and most effective way to let go is to practice presence. Staying present is letting go.

I found a magical box

I had an interesting experience last week that I would like to share.  I was cleaning out the shed behind my house and I found a box under a table.  The box was left by the previous owner (they told us to keep everything that was left on the property), and it had gone unnoticed for the past two years that we have lived at this house.  I asked my wife to open the box and see what was in it.  Inside the box was the fulfillment of multiple of our desires.

Inside the box was the pipe wrench I had wished that I had two weeks ago.  Inside the box was a box cutter that two days before I had intended to get to help with a project.  Earlier in the day I was looking at tool sets online, and I decided that I wanted a better tool set than the piecemeal on scattered out in my shed.  I had decided that I would buy a tool set in the near future, and the whole reason that I was cleaning the shed that day was to get to my tool chest and see what I had and to get organized for the tools I was going to buy.  Well, I don’t need to buy that tool set any longer, because that unnoticed box was filled with tools!  The box also contained the Dutch oven my wife had been wanting, and several other pieces of nice older cookware.

I believe that those items manifested themselves in my life because I didn’t worry about them and I took some action to prepare myself to receive them.  If I wouldn’t have cleaned out the shed to prepare to have a more organized tool collection, then I wouldn’t have manifested the tools.

I share this story with you because I find such stories inspiring.  They help to refocus on the fact that this kind of thing happens.  The law of attraction is real, but we sometimes temporarily forget about this fact during our day-to-day lives.

If you have any LOA stories that you would like to share, please send them my way.  I can share them with the hundreds of  people on my mailing list and the thousands that visit this site, and we can help support each other.  Iron sharpens iron…

Attracting Morrissey (A story and some lessons)

MorrisseyA few weeks back I watched a documentary on Morrissey, the solo recording artist and former front man of The Smiths.  I have been a fan of his work since I first became aware of it many years ago.  After watching this documentary I immediately knew that I wanted to see Morrissey in concert before he quits touring, and perhaps even to meet him.  Later the same day, I was having lunch with some friends from a former job, and I was talking about how I had decided that I wanted to see Morrissey in concert.  They were not really familiar with his music, so after lunch I played one of his songs off of YouTube on my phone.  While I was trying to play this song, the phone rang and I answered it.  It was my wife calling.  Guess what she was calling about!  She was calling to tell me that Morrissey was going to be in Atlanta and she wanted to know if she should buy us tickets.  I said “Yes” and after hanging up I looked at my friends and told them that they had just witnessed the law of attraction at work.  My wife had no idea that I wanted to see Morrissey, or that I had watched a documentary earlier in the day.  We had not spoken about anything related to music in months, and nothing concerning Morrissey or The Smiths in probably a year or more.

So, is it just a coincidence that she happened to look and see if Morrissey was touring on the same day that I (hours away from her) had decided that I wanted to see him?  That’s how most people look at it, but if you are on this email list, I hope that you realize that this is actually the law of attraction at work.  I love these little attractions that seem to fall in your lap almost immediately.  They are great belief builders, and they are fun to talk about.  But, I also want to talk about HOW this was attracted so quickly.

So, what made this intention different than others that didn’t materialize immediately?  There are a couple of differences.  First, I didn’t have time to worry about how to make this happen.  I never even thought about looking to see if he was touring, or give any consideration to how this was going to come about.  In short, I stayed out of the way and let the Universe take control.  Second, I was detached from it.  I didn’t have any emotional attachment to it, other than enjoying the thought of it actually happening.  Third, I knew that it was something that could happen, but not necessary the way that it happened.  I knew that going to a Morrissey concert wouldn’t be difficult.  It was an intention that was completely within my range of confident belief.  And lastly, I felt very positive about it.  I was talking to others about it, and having a good time.  I got a few nuggets from the documentary that were inspiring to me, and I was thinking about these things throughout the day.  Overall I was in a good mood.

To summarize:  1) decide what you want; 2) stay out of the way; 3) emotionally detach; 4) believe that it can happen easily, and 5) have fun and stay positive.

Sending the wrong message?

I received an email yesterday from Sally. Sally poses an interesting question, and I would like to share my response with all of you.

Sally’s email:

Hello...this feels a little strange but I have just recently gotten into loa 
(about 1 month). I too have read a lot of material with instructions so I was 
wondering if I try different ways of manifesting the same thing is it still gonna 
work or am I sending the message I don't trust what I previously put out there. 
Any help is appreciated.


My response:

First of all, any “method” or “technique” is only a means to an end.  The end is the proper frame of mind to attract what you want into your life.  So, I want to be clear that I don’t think that there is any one magic formula.  There are many ways to the proper frame of mind, just as there are a number of ways to be happy, to relax, etc.

But to answer your question, I don’t think it’s beneficial to try a lot different ways to manifest the same thing.  For me this relates back to the frame of mind I just spoke about.  When you are trying lots of things, you ARE sending a message of mistrust to some degree.  You are also sending other messages.  First, you are sending the message that the Universe (or God) is something to be manipulated or cajoled into providing something. This puts you into opposition with the Universe.  Instead, you should be seeing the Universe as a benevolent providing power that will provide everything you need and desire.  Using multiple methods and techniques also sends the message that you are ready to receive.  Think about it, if you keep asking, it means that you don’t have it, and that the Universe hasn’t heard you.  When you were a child you didn’t use a bunch of ways to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas, you just asked for it, and you let it go.  We should be the same way now when we ask for what we want.  The Universe heard you the first time.  Just be clear about what it is that you want, and then let it go.  You have placed your order.

Don’t get me wrong, methods and techniques are good, and they serve a purpose.  I stand by all of the methods I have written about.  I look at methods and techniques as a way to increase the level of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations.   The methods I give are also beneficial to get people started on the right track with getting clear about what they want and why they want it, so that it is easier to claim it now and experience it now.   But, all of these methods are just means to an end, and with time, it is my intention that people should be able to move past most of them and dwell in a place of allowing and trusting.

I love getting emails asking questions, and emails sharing your success stories about the law of attraction.  My email address can be found in any of my books, or by joining my mailing list.  Please feel free to contact me.  

God Bless.